2017 #TIFOSWEAT Scarf

$ 20.00

Greetings, Rough Lads! Here's the deal....

We bought 100 scarves, and with shipping figured in they cost us $8.88 each. The money used to purchase the scarves was put up by two Crew SC fans - each paid $444.00 to get these going.

We are selling them for $20.00, and if we sell all 100 scarves that would raise $1,112.00 for #TIFOSWEAT. To give you an idea of how far that would go, the fabric alone for the 2015 MLS Cup Final project cost $1,552.42 - this does not include paint, brushes, trays, painters plastic, rollers, foam brushes, etc.

Once we sell 44 of the 100 scarves, we can pay back the two people who fronted the money to get them ordered.

This is not one of those "hey donate to #TIFOSWEAT" things where you hand cash over, never knowing if that money actually ends up going towards legitimate projects. The funds from this transaction go directly into the #TIFOSWEAT bank account, which is an actual thing that was set up to manage project costs. This is not a personal account.

We will try to have them on-hand at various supporter events, but your best bet is to purchase here and have it shipped to you.

Thanks for helping support #TIFOSWEAT!

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