Nordecke Song Sheets... March 11 2016

Read them with your eyes, sing them with your hearts.





#TIFOSWEAT Instructions: 9/26/2015 vs. Portland September 26 2015

So, you scanned the QR Code - look at you with your tech-savvyness! Very impressive!

Thanks for helping us deploy this week's #TIFOSWEAT project! Here's a little Q&A session to address some of your more burning questions...

Q: What is this thing you've just handed to me?
A: It's called a two-stick, and you'll see them in the supporter sections of most MLS games. They are pieces of fabric with a design held up by two sticks/poles, usually made of PVC pipes. It's one of the many methods of showing your support affection for your local team. Here's an example from the match vs. Sporting Kansas City last month...


Q: What am I to do with this "two-stick" thing of which you speak?
A: So at halftime there's going to be a huge on-field ceremony, accompanied by a video of the top five moments in Crew history on the scoreboard. Upon conclusion of the video, there will be a PA announcement saying "thank you" to all of us fans for supporting the team. THE VERY INSTANT THIS PA ANNOUNCEMENT starts, unroll your two-stick and hold over your head as high as you can! Jump around, scream and shout, and make sure that two-stick is held up as high as you can hold it! Keep it held there for 60 seconds, and make sure that you aren't holding it backwards! Frankie Hejduk is going to run over to the Nordecke (the section of crazy people in the corner to your right) with all of the former players - keep the two-stick raised until they all get to the corner and start doing whatever it is they are going to do. This whole process shouldn't take more than 60-90 seconds total. Also, make sure everyone around you is holding up their two-stick as well, and make sure they KEEP IT UP the entire time!

Q: What do I do with this "two-stick" after the halftime ceremony is over?
A: Feel free to hold it up during the second half whenever you'd like! Just don't hold it up during the first half, please. As is the case with most #TIFOSWEAT projects, this is a surprise, and we don't want to ruin that surprise by showing anyone what we're doing in the first half. Cool? Cool!

Q: Yes, but what do I do with this "two-stick" after the game is over?
A: Part of the idea behind this project was to get more sections of the stadium involved in supporting our yellow soccer team as much as humanly possible. With that in mind, this two-stick is a gift to you! Please take it home with you if you'd like; bring it back for future games, hang it in your living room, give it to a friend, use it to wrap your newborn tiny baby infant child after they enter the world - whatever you want to do with it, do that! If you don't want to take it home with you, just leave it on your seat and we'll come by after the game and collect them for reuse. 

Q: How do I get involved with #TIFOSWEAT?
A: Send an e-mail to tifosweat@tifosweat.com and we will add you to the distribution list. This is how we let everyone know what we're doing, when a project is coming up, and where we're working on said project. No spam, we promise - there are maybe ten e-mails sent out per season.

Q: I don't have time to help with projects, but I'd like to help in some other way. How do I do that?
A: We have a few items for sale in our store section, and you can always donate through PayPal.

Thanks again for helping deploy this week's #TIFOSWEAT project! You can follow us on twitter at @TIFOSWEAT, and remember to send an e-mail to tifosweat@tifosweat.com to be added to the distribution list for updates!

Stay Massive, and go Crew SC!


New Nordecke T-Shirt and Hoodie... April 07 2015


Exciting news, boys and girls! There are new products available in the clothing section of our store! Hurray!

Nordecke T-Shirt - product link HERE.

Nordecke Zip-Up Hoodie - product link HERE.

As always, each and every cent of your purchase goes to buying paint, fabric, and other materials needed to create the giant banners you see at MAPFRE Stadium.


New Products and Donations... July 23 2014

Hello friends. How have you been? That's nice. I'm glad things are back to normal for you, and that the medication cleared up that unsightly rash in/on/around your mouth area. Because that rash was terrifying, and I'm 99% sure that it talked to me one time. Rashes become most dangerous when they gain the ability to communicate.

Guess what?!?!?!?!? Major announcement...


That's right, you can order #AllOfTheNewStuff and/or donate monies to the #TIFOSWEAT cause. Isn't being alive just the greatest?

Check out the new products, and give our donation page a look-see. If you have any questions, just let us know via email at tifosweat@tifosweat.com, or you can hit up our pager on twitter @TIFOSWEAT.

Viva Mendoza,

Morgan Hughes
Spice Girls Appreciation Club of Metro Columbus

Redesigned Website.... July 10 2014

If you are reading this, congratulations, you speak English and can read. Big freaking deal. You think you're better than me?


What do you think of it? Be honest, unless you don't like it. Then you should absolutely lie, and say it's the greatest thing you've ever seen, including the birth of your child, which isn't even that great of a child anyway. Hashtag RealTalk.

Go Crew.

Donating Materials... March 28 2014

We've now added the ability to donate materials and/or buy product(s) to support the #TIFOSWEAT movement on our website.

The unfortunate reality of making these banners is that the materials cost money. Everyone would be a lot happier if these materials were free, or if we happened upon an abandoned dumpster full of paint, fabric, grommets, and sewing machines. Because we won't allow this movement to be corrupted by some sweetheart deal with a large corporate sponsor, we end up funding these projects out of our own pockets, with the hope that we sell enough t-shirts to make up for it. This never actually happens.


There sure is, anonymously-quoted human fan of the Columbus Crew!

As time goes on, we will continue to add materials that we need onto the site. You can help us from 1 or 1,000,000 miles away by buying these products. The prices are the literal costs for what we use. Nothing extra, no fluff, no handling fees, period. No one is out to make a dime off of #TIFOSWEAT. We want to grow the game of soccer and support for the Columbus Crew. That's it.

The non paint / fabric / grommets / materials sections (t-shirts, flags, prints, etc.) will feature donated products given to us by wonderful people in supporters groups and beyond. These products will be sparse, but when an item is donated to us, we will put it up in the appropriate section.

Thanks VERY much for your support of the #TIFOSWEAT movement. We have some really great things in store for 2014.

As always, if you have any questions or want to join the movement, send an email to tifosweat@tifosweat,com - stay Massive, my friend.

Post Match: 3/22/2014 vs. Philadelphia Union March 24 2014

So - how did we do?



We Begin On Saturday! January 28 2014

TifoSweat 2014 kicks off this Saturday, February 1st - for details, please make sure you're signed up for our e-mail update list.


To do so, please send an email to tifosweat@tifosweat.com and you will be added so fast that your brain will explode.

2014 Projects... December 13 2013

We will have four main projects for the 2014 Columbus Crew home schedule. The following dates will feature the most outrageously amazing tifo displays your virgin eyes have ever seen...

March 22nd, 2014 - 6:00pm
Columbus Crew vs. Philadelphia Union
Columbus Crew Stadium - Columbus, OH

May 10th, 2014 - 7:30pm

Columbus Crew vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
Columbus Crew Stadium - Columbus, OH

August 16th, 2014 - 7:30pm
Columbus Crew vs. LA Galaxy
Columbus Crew Stadium - Columbus, OH

October 26th, 2014 - 5:00pm
Columbus Crew vs. Philadelphia Union
Columbus Crew Stadium - Columbus, OH


This is a new era in Columbus sports. Your city needs you - now more than ever before.

#TifoSweat Has Arrived... December 13 2013

We are here to work. Join us, won't you?